The vaginal vault is the area at the top of the vagina. The vaginal vault is normally held in position by some ligaments and muscles. However, sometimes as a result of a hysterectomy or getting older the top of the vagina can start to drop down – this is known as a prolapse.

Some patients have some lower abdominal dragging sensations. Other patients can feel a lump in the vagina which makes them feel uncomfortable and can affect their bladder and bowel control.


Sacrocolpopexy is an operation which lifts the vagina back up to its normal position. A synthetic mesh is stitched to the top of the vagina (vaginal vault) and then attached to a ligament on the sacrum.


A sacrocolpopexy is normally performed through a “bikini-line” cut just below the top of the pubic hair. If you have had a previous Caesarean section or hysterectomy through your tummy, then almost certainly the same scar will be used. When your tummy is open the surgeon will identify the top of the vagina and then use a mesh to lift the vagina back into the body so that it is supported in the correct position. The surgery normally takes 1-1.5 hours and is usually done under a general anesthetic, which means you are asleep. At the end of the surgery you will be transferred to the recovery area, where your blood pressure and pulse is measured, etc. Following this you will be transferred to the ward where you will usually be kept in hospital for 4-5 days.

If laparoscopy surgery is used for the same procedure, you will experience less pain, shorter hospital stay, quick recovery and quick return to normal activity. Laparoscopic surgeries are the best choice in the presence of expert laparoscopic surgeons nowadays.

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